Information About Meals

Our school provides meals upon prior request (breakfast, lunch, and dinner on school days). Considering the safety of students and workshop attendees as our top priority, we have created the “Simple Meal” as a meal that can be taken by those who have food allergies.

Students can choose either* a “Regular Meal” or a “Simple Meal.”

Please note that those who have dietary restrictions such as allergies can only be served if they agree to all of the following terms.

As usual, it is possible to bring food that is safe for you, and eat in the cafeteria.

*Due to the procurement and preparation of ingredients, it is not possible to order a combination of the Regular Meal and Simple Meal depending on the menu. All meals will be one or the other during the course.

Regular Meals

  • Regular menu, listed on the weekly menu

-It is possible to remove raw eggs (soft boiled eggs) or fruit upon prior request.
-The menu is subject to change due to availability.

Simple Meals

  • Vegetables (raw or boiled)
  • White rice (bread for breakfast)
  • Tofu or egg (either one for each meal in rotation)

    [In addition to the above, the following foods are sometimes provided according to the Regular Meal menu]
  • Fruit, beans, mushroom, seaweed

-This is a very simple meal without seasonings/flavorings, mainly for those who have dietary restrictions due to food allergies. Those who have other dietary restrictions, such as other medical conditions, religious reasons, or dietary habits can also request a Simple Meal.
-A Simple Meal is light, like a side dish, so it may not be enough. Students can bring and add foods by themselves. Please contact us for more details.
-Since there are no seasonings/flavorings added, please bring your own condiments.
-For those who are intolerant to gluten, it is possible to change the bread in the breakfast to rice, by sending a request in advance. However, since the cafeteria cannot cook rice for only one meal/student, they will prepare a commercially available rice pack (cooked). Please note that once you request a change, it cannot be undone.
-A very small amount of egg and milk might be contained in the bread.
-It is possible to remove tofu, beans, eggs, seaweed, or fruit upon prior request.

We cannot comply with requests other than the above.

Please be sure to read the following terms. We will send a consent form to those who are accepted to the course.


1) About the meal provision status
 (1) For Regular Meals, the cafeteria staff uses foods and ingredients that contain specific and sub-specific allergenic ingredients.
 (2) All meals served in the cafeteria are cooked in the same kitchen.
 (3) Cooking utensils and cooking oils are shared.

2) Please confirm the following, based on (1) to (3) above.
 (4) Due to the above environment, even if you order a Simple Meal, a small amount of a food allergen may accidentally get in your food. In the same way, ingredients that you cannot eat due to religious reasons, etc. may accidentally get in your food as well.
 (5) If you have any dietary restrictions such as allergies, please consult a medical specialist, and make the final decision yourself. However, please understand that our school cannot be held responsible if you choose a Regular Meal, even if you have dietary restrictions.
 (6) Please note that for safety reasons, we cannot provide meals to students with the following:
 ・Severe allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis
 ・Wheat allergy
 (7) <Students staying in the dormitory only> You can cook and prepare your meals yourself in the mini-kitchen in the dormitory. Please inquire for details.