Workshop Terms and Conditions

The Workshop Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”) stipulates the conditions between Kawashima Textile School (operating company: Kawashima Bunka Jigyodan Ltd., hereinafter referred to as “Company”) and applicant (hereinafter referred to as “Applicant”) for applying to participate (hereinafter referred to as “Application”) and participating in the course provided by our Company, based on permission from our Company.

Article 1 (Course Fee, etc.)
Applicants shall pay the course fee published by our Company on our Company’s website, brochure, or elsewhere.

Article 2 (Application for the Course)
The Applicant shall apply according to the procedure published on our Company’s website, or other procedures specified by our Company, and shall provide accurate and up-to-date information of their name, address, telephone number, and other matters specified separately by our Company (hereinafter referred to as “Registration information”) on the application form, etc.

Article 3 (Acceptance of Application for Participating in the Course)
1. When our Company receives an Application from the Applicant by procedures published on our Company’s website, brochure, or by other procedures specified by our Company, we will notify the Applicant that they have permission to participate in the course, and the method of payment of the course fee by e-mail or in writing.
2. The contract between our Company and the Applicant for the provision of the course (hereinafter referred to as “this Contract”) is valid when our Company notifies the Applicant that they are permitted to participate in the course. The Applicant shall acquire the qualification to be a student in accordance with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions.

Article 4 (Methods of Payment)
The payment method for the tuition fee for the course are through a bank transfer to our Company’s designated account, or through a payment link, and the student shall complete the payment procedure referring to the invoice issued by our Company within the deadline provided in an e-mail or written guidance regarding the payment method.

Article 5 (Cancellation)
1. Students are eligible to participate at the time of the conclusion of the Contract, so they must contact the Company when canceling the Contract (hereinafter, “Cancellation” will also be treated as the same meaning).
2. When canceling the course, the student must notify our Company by e-mail or FAX before the stipulated application deadline for each course.
3. For cancellations before the deadline specified by the Company (the application deadline for the course), the amount excluding the transfer fee will be refunded.
4. For cancellations after the deadline specified by the Company (the application deadline for the course), the cancellation fee is 100% of the course fee.
5. For students staying in our Company’s dormitory, 50% of the accommodation fee will be added to the cancellation fee specified in the preceding paragraph (including decreasing the number of nights reserved).
6. If payment cannot be confirmed after the deadline specified by the Company (the application deadline for the course), cancellation will not be processed automatically and the student will have to pay the cancellation fee.

Article 6 (Cancellation, Suspension, or Change of Course)
1. If the number of applicants for the course is less than the minimum number of participants, our Company can notify the students and cancel the course at least 3 weeks before the start date of the course. In that case, we will refund the full amount of the course fee paid.
2. If it is unavoidable to cancel the course, or if safety is prioritized due to the weather or natural disasters, our Company will notify the students by phone or e-mail by the day before the event, and our Company shall be able to cancel or interrupt the operation of the course.
3. Unless the Company notifies the student of cancellation or change of the workshop, cancellations by the student due to reasons such as the weather will be seen as a cancellation due to the student’s convenience, and a cancellation fee will be charged.

Article 7 (Use of Registration Information)
1. According to the purpose of use of personal information published on the Company’s website or brochure, the Company can use registration information and information learned in the process of the applicant participating in the course (hereinafter referred to as “Student Information”).
2. Our Company can photograph, film, and record the contents of the course and post it as material or promotional material on our Company’s website, or other related media, or sell it.

Article 8 (Matters to be Observed and Items to be Confirmed)
Students must comply with the matters listed in each of the following items when taking this course.
(1) Do not record or film during the course.
(2) Obtain permission from the instructor for taking photos in the course.
(3) When taking a photo of a work in process in the atelier or an image of a person that can be identified as a specific individual, obtain permission from that person.
(4) When publishing photos on a website or other media, obtain permission from that person.
(5) Follow the instructions of our Company and the instructor, and do not act or speak in a way that will disturb other students.
(6) On the premise that there are individual differences in understanding the contents of the course, do not ask the Company or the instructor, etc. for any responsibility even if the contents cannot be understood or is difficult to understand.
(7) Do not ask the Company or the instructor to take any responsibility for the completeness, usefulness, accuracy, future results, etc. of the contents learned by taking this course.

Article 9 (Copyrighted Works, etc.)
The copyright and other intellectual property rights related to copyrighted work such as textbooks and handouts (hereinafter referred to as “these Copyrighted Works, etc.”) received during the course (lecture) belong to our Company, and without the prior consent of our Company, it is prohibited to perform the acts specified in the following items that infringe these items.
(1) The act of transmitting these Copyrighted Works, etc. to the public via the Internet, such as posting it on a website in your own name or of a third party.
(2) The act of posting the contents of these Copyrighted Works, etc. beyond the scope of citation in your own name or of a third party.
(3) Acts of copying or modifying these Copyrighted Works, etc. and distributing it to a third party beyond the scope of private use.
(4) Other acts that infringe the copyright and intellectual property rights of these Copyrighted Works, etc.

Article 10 (Confidentiality)
When taking this course, the student shall treat technical, sales, and other business information (including but not limited to know-hows in the course) disclosed by our Company, and information disclosed by other students related to their privacy as confidential. It is prohibited to use or disclose this information to a third party.

Article 11 (Change of Terms and Conditions)
Our Company may change all or part of the Terms and Conditions and the regulations attached to the Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions modified by our Company shall become effective when published on our Company’s website, and the modified Terms and Conditions shall apply to the students thereafter. Students shall always check the latest version of the “Workshop Terms and Conditions” published on our Company’s website.

Article 12 (Contact Information)
Kawashima Bunka Jigyodan Ltd.
Kawashima Textile School
418 Ichihara-cho, Shizuichi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 601-1123
Telephone (075) 741-3151

Supplementary Provisions
1st Edition February 1, 2021 Enactment and Enforcement
Applied from workshops held after April 1, 2021.
2st Edition February 1, 2022 Revised
Applied from workshops held after April 1, 2022.