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Since opening in 1973, Kawashima Textile School has maintained a policy of accepting students without having to take an entrance exam, or undergoing a previous experience assessment, and without a points per unit system of study. We have continuously educated with focus on the individual student learning weaving, so that each person can have the opportunity to use the techniques and gain the ability to express themself through weaving. Esteemed adult education for Japanese and foreigners.

In this modern world, if one uses cutting edge scientific technology, anything is possible, but everyone admits that the goodness of handwork gives movement to the heart and mind.
At KTS there are substantial facilities for dyeing and weaving, including a variety of looms. It is possible to learn a good balance of traditional techniques and culture, alongside modern textile practices. Very experienced teachers instruct students to enable them to continue independently after graduation.

Teachers' Introductions

野田 凉美



2001 - 2005 Part-time Graduate Course Lecturer, Okayama Prefectural University
2006 - 2017 Director, Kawashima Textile School
2012 - 2017 Specially Appointed Professor, Kyoto University of Art and Design
2017 - 2022 Specially Appointed Professor, Kyoto City University of Arts

Fine Art Award, “International Textile Competition,” Kyoto

1999 “International Textile Competition,” Kyoto
2001 Artist in Residence, Melville, Australia
“Contemporary Lace Exhibition,” traveling exhibition, Australia
2002 “Constructed Fabric,” Kobe Fashion Museum
2005 “International Textile Art Biennale,” Lithuania
“International Tapestry and Textile Art Triennale," Belgium
2006 “Milano Salone Satellite,” Italy
Artist in Residence, Curtin University, Australia
2007 “(ex)Changing Traditions,” Kyoto Art Center

"International Triennial of Tapestry," Central Museum of Textiles in Łódż, Poland


"Lost in Lace," Birmingham Museum, UK

"Bite Size Exhibition," Daiwa Foundation Japan House, UK


"KAWAII: crafting the Japanese culture of cute," UCA James Hockey and Foyer Galleries, UK

Solo Exhibition, Fiberspace, Sweden


"Japanese and Ltihuanian Contemporary Textile Exhibition," M.K.Čiurlionis National Art Museum, Lithuania

"Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art," Zhejiang Art Museum, China

2020-2021 "Fabric: Touch and Identity," Compton Verney Art Gallery, UK
2024 "KOBAYASHI Masakazu and His Contemporaries-Beyond Fiber Art," The National Museum of Modern Art,Kyoto
KOZUE YAMAMOTO Director Full-time Instructor
山本 梢恵

1st year Weaving Fabric, Foundation Kasuri, 2nd year Kimono, International Students’ Applied Kasuri Course II
2000 B.A. Fine Arts (Textiles), Kyoto Seika University
2002 Foreign exchange student at Kuopio Academy of Design, Finland
Completed 2-year Technical Study Course (Kimono), Kawashima Textile School
2000 - 2006 “16th ~ 19th Textile Exhibitions,” Silk Museum, Yokohama
2000 “39th Contemporary Arts and Crafts Exhibition,” Japan
2001 “56th Kyoten Exhibition,” Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art
2007 “Selected New and Powerful Artists of Kyoto,” The Museum of Kyoto
2008 Invited to exhibit at “Kyoto Crafts Biennale,” The Museum of Kyoto
2007 - Kimonos for calendar shoots, Kyoto Tea Cooperative Association

TOMOKI FUJIKAWA Full-time Instructor
藤川 具樹

Synthetic Dyeing, Natural Dyeing

Coming soon.

YOSHIKO NAKAJIMA Full-time Instructor
中嶋 芳子

Spinning, Fancy Yarn, Homespun


Interview with Spinning Teacher Yoshiko Nakajima 2020

B.A. Design, Kyoto City University of Arts. After 2 years of training at a weaving studio, she discovered homespun fabric, and has since been creating them on her own. She participates in Lifestyle Crafts Exhibitions with other craftspeople in Kyoto, Tokyo, and Okinawa.

EMMA OMOTE Full-time Instructor
表 江麻

International Exchange Student Coordinator
1st year Foundations of Weaving, International Students’ Beginners Course, Foundation Kasuri Course, Applied Kasuri Course I

Interview with International Students Course Teacher Emma Omote 2020

A Look Into Our Classes 2 "Design Exercise I" 2020

2005 Foreign exchange student, University of Art and Design, Helsinki (now Aalto University)
2007 B.A. Fine Arts (Painting), Kyoto Seika University
2009 Completed 2-year Graduate Course (Kimono), Kawashima Textile School
2010 Invited to exhibit at “Kyoto Crafts Biennale,” The Museum of Kyoto
2011 "New Stars in the Firmament," Kyoto Industrial Hall
2019 "Dyeing of Kyoto  Draw Apart, Draw Near," Somé Seiryukan

HIROKAZU KONDO Full-time Instructor
近藤 裕八

Tsuzure (Tapestry)

Interview with Tsuzure-Ori Teacher Hirokazu Kondo 2021

2006 Graduated from Koh High School
2009 Internship at the Tsuzure (Tapestry) Office, Production Department, Kawashima Selkon Textiles Co., Ltd.
2011 Completed 2nd year of the Creative Course after 2-year Graduate Course (Tsuzure Obi), Kawashima Textile School
2011 Kawashima Textiles Spring Exhibition
Exhibition in Naha, Okinawa
2012 Invited to exhibit at “Kyoto Crafts Biennale,” The Museum of Kyoto
Wove fabric used for the restoration of Important Cultural Property

FUMIKA NIHO Full-time Instructor
仁保 文佳


1st year Counterbalance Loom

Interview with Teacher Fumika Niho 2021
2008 B.A. Design (Furniture, Interior & Architecture), Tokyo Zokei University
2008 - 2011 Worked as an Interior Coordinator at a home building company
2015 Completed the 2-year Graduate Course (Kimono) at Kawashima Textile School
2016 Selected for the 24th Textile Exhibition at the Silk Museum, Yokohama
2015 - 2017 Product planner and weaver, workshop instructor at Johana Oriyakata